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1 activision decathlon the (colecovision) cart Activision Decathlon, The Activision 1983
2 antarctic adventure (colecovision) cart Antarctic Adventure CBS Electronics 1984
3 buck roger planet of zoom (colecovision) cart Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom Coleco 1984
4 burger time (colecovision) cart BurgerTime CBS Electronics 1984
5 cabbage patch kids adventures in the park (colecovision) cart Cabbage Patch Kids: Adventures in the Park Coleco 1984
6 carnival (colecovision) cart Carnival Coleco 1982
7 congo bongo (colecovision) cart Congo Bongo Sega 1984
8 cosmic avenger (colecovision) cart Cosmic Avenger Coleco 1982
9 destructor (colecovision) cart Destructor Coleco 1983
10 donkey kong (colecovision) cart Donkey Kong Coleco 1982
11 donkey kong junior (colecovision) cart Donkey Kong Junior CBS Electronics 1983
12 dukes of hazzard the (colecovision) cart Dukes of Hazzard, The Coleco 1984
13 frantic freddy (colecovision) cart Frantic Freddy Spectravideo 198x
14 frenzy (colecovision) cart Frenzy Coleco 1984
15 front line (colecovision) cart Front Line Coleco 1983
16 gorf (colecovision) cart Gorf CBS Electronics 1983
17 jumpman junior (colecovision) cart Jumpman Junior Epyx 198x
18 ken uston blackjack poker (colecovision) cart Ken Uston Blackjack/Poker CBS Electronics 1983
19 lady bug (colecovision) cart Lady Bug CBS Electronics 1983
20 looping (colecovision) cart Looping CBS Electronics 1983
21 mr do (colecovision) cart Mr. Do! CBS Electronics 1983
22 mouse trap (colecovision) cart Mouse Trap CBS Electronics 1983
23 oils well (colecovision) cart Oil's Well Sierra On-Line 1983
24 omega race (colecovision) cart Omega Race CBS Electronics 1983
25 pepper ii (colecovision) cart Pepper II CBS Electronics 1983
26 pitstop (colecovision) cart Pitstop CBS Electronics 1983
27 popeye (colecovision) cart Popeye Parker Brothers 198x
28 qbert (colecovision) cart Q*Bert Parker Brothers  198x
29 roc n rope (colecovision) cart Roc 'n Rope Konami 1984
30 rocky super action (colecovision) cart Rocky Super Action Boxing CBS Electronics 1983
31 root beer tapper (colecovision) cart Root Beer Tapper Coleco 1984
32 smurf (colecovision) cart Smurf CBS Electronics 1983
33 space fury (colecovision) cart Space Fury CBS Electronics 1983
34 spectron (colecovision) cart Spectron Spectravideo 198x
35 squish em featuring sam (colecovision) cart Squish 'em Featuring Sam Interphase 1984
36 super action baseball (colecovision) cart Super Action Baseball Coleco 1983
37 super cross force (colecovision) cart Super Cross Force Spectravideo 198x
38 tarzan (colecovision) cart Tarzan Coleco 1984
39 time pilot (colecovision) cart Time Pilot Konami 1983
40 turbo (colecovision) cart Turbo CBS Electronics 1983
41 venture (colecovision) cart Venture Coleco 1984
42 wargames (colecovision) cart WarGames CBS Electronics 1983
43 zaxxon (colecovision) cart Zaxxon CBS Electronics 1983